Ideas for Teens: Connecting with Your Kids through Music

Did you know that there is something of a Christian renaissance going on in popular music of all kinds? Whether it’s Country, Pop, or Rock, there is likely a mainstream star that your teen knows or listens to that is actually singing about the Gospel in their own way.

For example, take rock music. Often, if your child listens to this style, it’s easy to tune her or his music out. After all, who wants to listen to all of those screaming lyrics and whining guitars? But, the most popular act on the planet, U2 has a very deep Christian vein running through much if its music.

For teens that like a harder edge, there are bands like King’s X, who have been around for 15 years. Considered by the music channel VH-1’s artists poll as one of the Top 100 Rock bands of all time (right up there with the Aerosmiths and Led Zeppelins), Kings X is a mainstream band with a Gospel heart that would not typically be considered part of the “Christian” music scene.

For teens that like the softer edge, there are bands like dcTalk that started in the Christian genre but have broken into mainstream music with hits in recent years. It’s important to remember that the music of these artists can “speak” to your teens in powerful ways.

What better way to be a “part of the conversation” than to take an interest in their music? It’s a great way to re-connect with your teenager.