faithkeeepers combo pix v1In our early parenting days, many people of faith search “high and low” for resources to help them make the promise of baptism come alive in their childrens’ and godchildrens’ lives for the other six days of the week, beyond Sundays.

With Faithkeepers, we designed a treasure box set, that includes a wooden box, a cross, and annual silver charms and gift cards with activities (think a mix of Pat the Bunny and Hallmark).

We keep a small supply of the unfinished treasure boxes, crosses, and first years’ Pocketcards on hand and make them available for free to any family, baptism sponsors, or godparents that would like a set.  All we ask is that you pay the US postal shipping and an extra $1 for the packing material/box.

Plus, we have made additional Pocketcards for young children (up through age eight) available for free download, if you would like to print your own copies.

In each case, we hope you find these resources to be engaging and fun ways to reinforce the message of Living Faith…Daily with your youth.


Rebecca GuengerichFaithkeepers was started by Rebecca Guengerich.  A natural counselor, she has over 25 years of experience, first as a public school teacher, then on staff with a major national non-profit.

Today, she works as a speaker, spiritual advisor, and founder of The_Pause,  as well as an active member of her church, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran, in Austin, Texas.

Though started by Rebecca, Faithkeepers thrives today due to the help and inspiration of many people of faith throughout the country, especially her home and mission congregations that she serves.

The Faithkeepers community is for you — children, young adults, parents, grandparents, and members of the faith — to nurture the spiritual lives of the people that you love, as you  promise to pray and care for them at their birth, baptism or other re-birth in faith.