Faith Stories Debut

Like my husband Steve, I have the “paper of record” – the New York Times – set as the home page on the browser of my personal computer. No, I don’t agree with everything I read in it and I try to do my very best to scan multiple newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other sources of opinion to help me keep a more complete sense of current events.

But, one of the reasons that I like the NYT is because of the provocative blogs that it produces, such as “Idea of the Day,” “Economix,” and others. One of the recent ideas of the day, talking about the morality of widespread publishing of images of war, has got me to thinking how important it is to provide images of peace, understanding, and hope.

In that spirit, I’ve decided to produce a series of videos that features people of all age groups, sharing their points of view about faith, belief in God, and how they live out their lives as spiritual beings on earth.

The first of these videos features Jeff Collier, the founder and president of, a web services start-up for the Christian and “Christian curious” as he says it.

You might say Jeff is a walking ambassador for what demographers and other call the Net Generation – the age group of 18-25 year olds that is the “echo” of the Baby Boom generation. Some also call them the Millenials or Gen Y.

I hope you have a chance to watch the video and listen to Jeff’s story. It will make you think and give you hope about the Net Gen’rs and about the future!  And, I hope you will also give me feedback about the series, as we add more videos in the coming weeks.

We totally acknowledge the inspiration for the idea coming from sources such as NPR’s fabulous series StoryCorps and “This I Believe,” among others. We also totally acknowledge that we will never be Hollywood movie producers, as you will see by the video production values! But, if you can forgive the quality of the “medium,” we think you’ll find the “message” is powerful.

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